Welcome to the Legend Has It Blog

What on earth is this “Legend Has It” that you have stumbled upon? Well, let’s see: we are a small business created from the boots up by two Dutch-American Brothers who grew up in the middle of nowhere Idaho and love everything about nature and exploring.

What on earth does this business do?

We create adventures in the form of ‘treasure’ hunts. Yes, there is real treasure, but no, it is not actually buried in the ground. It’s the 21st century! Treasure is much more accessible through digital transfers. So, you find the ‘treasure’ spot, verify it with a picture, send it to us, and then we send you the treasure money. You don’t have to lug a ridiculously heavy treasure chest out of the wilderness (and we don’t have to lug it in: win/win).

How does one find the treasure (I want some dinero!)?

Join the hunt. Pay your entry fee (helps the treasure pot grow) and gain access to the clues. Figure out the clues, go on a journey, find the picture key spot (and possibly the hidden LHI coin…) and BAM, the treasure is yours. Oh yes, but make sure you are the first one. This is a winner takes all. I mean, we are finding hidden treasure after all.